Twig finished 2015 on a high with the ecological reinstatement of Horam solar farm, a 26 acre site in East Sussex built by one of our established clients, Vogt solar.

Twig has been awarded the opportunity to complete this interesting and varied reinstatement project.

Planting native hedgerows

This project started with the planting of approx. 7500 mixed native hedgerow plants to provide a natural screen as well as two native copse areas. All of the species chosen are indicative to the area and can be found all around the site, this means all the hedgerows will blend in seamlessly with the Sussex countryside. In addition to this all these species benefit wildlife serving as an excellent source of shelter, protection and food for local birds and wildlife.

Creating green space

The next stage of this project was the creation of a push chair friendly path around the site leading up to a newly formed viewing mound, allowing visitors extensive views over to the South Downs. For those visitors on horseback a new equine bridleway was installed using equine fibre, to allow for year round access. As the hedges and trees grow this site will not just be wonderful for nature but also be a relaxing green space for visitors to enjoy.

Twig Group Case Study - Ecological Reinstatement Works at Horam Solar Farm
Twig Group Case Study - Ecological Reinstatement Works at Horam Solar Farm image

Working with nature

Using the Biodiversity Management Plan for the site as a basis, Twig’s ecologists installed a wide range of ecological enhancements such as bat boxes, hedgehog homes, bird nesting planks and hibernacula. These will increase the biodiversity of the site and ensure that this site becomes a small nature reserve within the farming landscape.

Wild flower meadows

The next step for this enhancement project is to prepare the site for the installation of wild flower meadows. This will further enhance the site for nature providing a bounty of nectar rich plants for insects as well as being visually very appealing.

Solar farming – a good deal for all

All of this work just goes to prove you can produce clean, green energy as well as provide a home for nature and an attractive green space for people.