Japanese Knotweed Control at Swanley Youth and Community Centre for Kent County Council, in partnership with Skanska.

The Swanley Youth and Community Centre is well used by the public, with various buildings on site, a large car park, basketball courts, sports hall and a temporary library.

The presence of the Japanese Knotweed on site is considered to be a large threat as the invasive weed is only 2-3 metres away from the sports hall and it could be very serious if the plant were to invade the foundations of the building. Twig’s main objective of this project was to control the spread of Japanese Knotweed with the use of herbicide.

The secondary objective was to fence off the area already infected with the Japanese Knotweed from the public, to minimise the spread of the Knotweed by people coming in contact.

The management plan spans a period of time, with treatments of the plant taking place in spring and autumn. It is not expected that the plant will  die completely in one year, but our aim is to reduce its size by 50% with each treatment. It may take two or three years to die off completely with two treatments per year, if necessary.