It would be hard not to notice the increase in solar sites across the country as the demand for sustainable energy production booms.

If managed correctly, the positive environmental contribution of solar farms can be increased and visual impact can be greatly reduced.

In recent years the Twig Group has worked alongside sustainable energy providers, landscaping and enhancing their sites and, more recently, have joined forces with Conergy — a global solar energy company — to minimise the impact of their sites. Since starting work alongside Conergy two years ago, the Twig Group has built on its expertise and become a specialist in the field of ecological enhancement of solar energy sites. We are now looking at the development, maintenance and management of another 37 sites across the UK.

Ecology is a specialism that the Twig Group offers landowners in the commercial sector — whatever industry this may be — and we’re confident that we understand the commercial pressures felt by businesses and the need for ecological solutions that function alongside an efficient, working site.

The Twig Group’s involvement in this booming sector makes for a happy partnership; growth for the company as well as the satisfaction of being involved in the sustainable energy movement and its associated environmental and ecological benefits.

David Eyre, Managing Director of the group, said: “We are investing in staff, contractors and partnerships on a national level as part of this increased work in the solar industry.”

This latest development will boost the Twig Group’s UK-wide operations and will allow it to invest further in staff, contractors and partnerships to deliver an expanded programme for Conergy and other energy suppliers. Work will include planting trees and adding ecologically friendly features to solar energy sites — to reduce the impact of such sites and increase biodiversity — as well as implementing ecological management plans.

Kevin McLelland, Operations & Maintenance Director UK from Conergy, said: “We’ve been very pleased with the expertise offered by Twig Group as they have the ability to understand ecology, landscaping and compliance alongside business implications. Their advice has been invaluable and their work timely, which is why we have expanded our contract with them. They will now enhance, manage and maintain the rest of our sites to meet landscape and ecological objectives.”