In this case study, we present a project focused on the maintenance of solar farms across the country. Our primary objectives were to enhance the efficiency of solar panels by mowing the grass to prevent interference and applying herbicides to control weed growth. To achieve this, we utilised specialist machinery capable of mowing 300mm under the dripline of the panels.


The primary objectives of the project were as follows:

  1. Enhance solar panel efficiency: By mowing the grass surrounding the solar panels, we aimed to prevent shading and interference.
  2. Weed control: We sought to apply herbicides to control weed growth around the solar panels, preventing potential obstructions and reducing maintenance efforts.
  3. Specialised mowing: Utilize specialist machinery capable of mowing 300mm under the dripline of the panels to ensure comprehensive clearance.
  4. Allowing safe access for engineers to work on-site and maintain the solar arrays.


To achieve the stated objectives, the project utilized the following methods:

  1. Specialist machinery: We used machinery designed specifically to access hard-to-reach areas such as under solar arrays.
  2. Herbicide application: To control weed growth effectively, we employed targeted herbicide application techniques.
  3. Professional team: Our team of skilled operators were trained in the use of the specific
    machinery, had all relevant certificates and adhered to strict safety and environmental protocols.


  1. Enhanced solar panel efficiency: By regularly mowing the grass around the solar panels, we effectively minimized shading and interference, leading to an increase in overall energy production.
  2. Effective weed control: The application of herbicides significantly reduced weed growth, preventing potential obstructions and minimizing maintenance efforts.
  3. Precise mowing: The use of specialist machinery allowed us to maintain a consistent mowing depth of 300mm under the dripline of the panels, ensuring thorough clearance without any damage.


By employing specialized machinery and techniques, we have optimized the performance of solar panels on the sites that we maintain as well as making them safe for engineers working throughout site.

Twig Group Case Study Solar Farm shadow
Twig Group Case Study Solar Farm