Twig has worked with Kinetica Solar on 3 of their UK solar farm sites.

This included planting hedgerows, seeding wildflowers and installing ecological enhancements such as bird and bat boxes, which all go towards improving biodiversity as well as meeting planning objectives.

Raventhorpe Farm, Scunthorpe

The 38MW site comprises five fields and is adjacent to a large industrial steel plant. The 189 acre site is one of the largest in the country and had been planted with grass and wild flowers.  22,000 trees and shrubs were planted during the winter of 2015/2016, further improving wildlife connectivity and enhancing the diversity of woodland already in the area.

Roanhead Farm, Barrow-in-Furness

The Roanhead Solar PV development site covering 37.5 acres and generating 6.5MW is situated between Askam-in-Furness and Dalton-in-Furness. The development site consists of the installation of a solar energy farm on three adjoining fields, separated by hedgerows. The existing boundary landscaping features were retained and enhanced as part of the scheme, with new hedgerow planting to reinforce selected field margins.

Ecological enhancements includes barn owl, bird and bat Boxes along with wild flower planting.

The site has historically been used for grazing land, and will continue to be used for grazing between the panels. A major advantage of this site is the minimal impact it has on the landscape, due to it being well hiddden.

The site will power 1,950 homes in the local area.

Pentre Farm, Llannon

The Pentre Solar PV development covers 30 acres and generates 5.5MW in the Carmarnethshire countryside.  Work here included the planting of over 200 trees and shrubs and the seeding of wildflowers.

The site will power 1,200 homes.