Tree safety surveys for schools in west Kent and Kent County Council owned properties, in partnership with Skanska.

As part of its five-year grounds maintenance contract with Skanska, Twig delivers more than 150 annual tree safety surveys to schools and Kent County Council owned properties.

Utilising Peach software, Twig plots defective trees on to a site map. Twig physically attaches a unique identification number to each tree, which is then referred to in the client report. Remedial works are categorised with reference to the recommended time frame for the activity to be carried out.

Twig inspects each site annually, albeit at different times of the year, in order to complete a thorough picture of each tree’s health.  This ensures that defects which only present themselves at certain times of the year, and yet can point towards significant Health and Safety risks, are discovered.

Twig provides a full service for Kent County Council, including actioning any remedial works identified.