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Twig’s Ecological Services

Twig provides a complete range of ecological services, working with ecologists and directly with clients. We principally undertake the physical aspects of ecological mitigation plans for development and associated habitat creation or enhancement.

We get involved in all stages of a project, from consultation to the initial site clearance through to final landscaping, building relationships with ground workers and other contractors to ensure the maximum effectiveness of the measures we help to implement.

Our staff are all ecologically trained with specialisms across the full range of European Protected Species, species of plants and animals protected by law throughout the European Union, listed in Annex IV of the European Habitat Directive. The lists include several hundred species of plants and animals. They do not include any fungi, lichens or birds.

Adaptable and viable

As an abiding principle, Twig strives to minimise the environmental impact of works we undertake. One of our advantages is our adaptability to tailor our methods to the specific requirements of the site. For example, we will forego the use of large machinery, if not appropriate, and rely on muscle power to get a job done where this reduces potential damage to resident species. In all cases the solutions we deliver are commercially viable.

Our range of Ecological Services

Industry expertise

Twig provides ecological services and advice to utility companies, construction companies, civil engineers, house builders, developers and environmental and ecological consultancies as well as prestigious estates, country parks, farmers and land owners. View our client list.