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Ecological surveys to maximise success

Our Ecological Surveys are used by the UK’s leading utility companies, construction companies, civil engineers, house builders, developers and environmental and ecological consultancies.

Our robust, intelligent approach to ecological surveys and regulation minimises costs and delays, yielding complete bespoke solutions that will maximise the success of your project.

Ecological assessment report

The Preliminary Ecological Assessment* provides information about the baseline ecology of the site. It is report based on a single survey visit and desk study, but importantly highlights the need to complete further surveys to fully inform planning applications and satisfy requirements.

An ecological survey provides an understanding as to the habitats present on a site, with each habitat assessed for its potential to support protected or notable species.

The Preliminary Ecological Assessment will provide information on:

  • The habitat types present on site, and their nature conservation importance;
  • Which species are present, or potentially present on site;
  • The potential impacts of the development on a particular habitat or species of importance;
  • The legal and planning policy issues that may need to be addressed through appropriate mitigation or further assessment.

Supporting protected species

Once the Preliminary Ecological Assessment has been completed, and if required, we are able to undertake the Protected Species Specific surveys, including any Natural England licence application. Twig can assist in developing mitigation plans and the landscape plan ensuring the correct habitat is developed to support the species found on site. We can also continue with monitoring sites to help ensuring targets are met and that areas are managed correctly if required post completion of the project.

*Preliminary Ecological Assessment can also referred to as an Ecological Site Assessment, Phase 1 Habitat Survey, Baseline Ecological Survey, Ecological Scoping Survey.

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