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Land reinstatement means returning a site back to a landscaped environment

At Twig we have the experts to manage land reinstatement projects back to a landscaped environment. These projects often require working with nature and landowners in a sensitive and considered way. Whether planning conditions clearly state the landscape design, or the landowner or farmer requires land back to enable production to recommence, Twig can negotiate the practical delivery of such tasks.

Mediation between landowners, neighbours and the site managers is common place to ensure the long term objectives are met and that the landscape is returned to the correct standard and within the desired timeframes.

After a plan has been agreed, Twig uses a number of processes to return the site back to the desired landscape.

Loosening and breaking up soil at depths below the level of a traditional cultivations, disk harrow or rototiller. Most tractor mounted cultivation tools will break up and turn over surface soil to a depth of up to 30 cm, while a subsoiler can break up and loosen soil to twice that depth.

The location of springs, wells, cesspools, septic tanks or land drains and in particular any deep land drainage system. We will make a record, which may include photographs, of any land drains disturbed and the replacement or reconnection work carried out.

Following excavations or similar groundwork, seeding takes place to both protect and bind the soil together. Using a fast growing land reinstatement mixture gives quick coverage, which will help minimise soil erosion and reduce nutrient loss from the disturbed earth. Once established the same binding root action of the grasses can help reduce the impact of surface water until the natural drainage is restored within the soil structure.

All types of agricultural fencing can be installed to meet all land reinstatement requirements, including:

Estate fencing
Commercial Fencing
Wildlife Fencing, newt, reptiles, badger and watervole
Equestrian fencing
Agricultural wire mesh fencing
Temporary or permanent agricultural fencing

In England and Wales the Hedgerows Regulations 1997 are intended to protect important countryside hedges from destruction or damage; Twig can reinstate any hedgerows affected by works.

Twig can supply on-site guidance to ensure full legal compliance for protected species and habitats, and to ensure compliance with all planning conditions.

Twig’s land reinstatement consultants are staff are comfortable working in these sectors:

  • Local Authorities or County Council Contracts
  • Facility Management
  • Parish Councils
  • Schools
  • Utility Schemes
  • Housing Developments
  • Renewable Energy

Talking costs nothing, so to discuss your land reinstatement project with one of Twig’s consultants, please call 01892 722948 or 01892 723226.

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