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Applied Weed Control Services

Reduce the costly impact of weeds to your property

Through a carefully planned herbicide application strategy, Twig’s weed control service allows for an optimised ground care solution to be delivered, whilst taking into account the UK’s unpredictable weather. As part of a grounds maintenance contract, Twig’s weed control services ensure that our client’s grounds are well presented and reduce the potentially costly impact of weeds to property.

Twig can control the growth of algae, lichens, liverworts and moss will all grow on hard surfaces however, contrary to popular belief, they do not damage what they are growing on, but can cause these surfaces (patios, drives, paths and steps) to become slippery.

Comprehensive weed control solution for invasive weeds

Invasive weeds are destructive and need attention quickly. Twig’s ground maintenance teams are fully equipped and trained in managing and eradicating dangerous invasive weeds.

Invasive weed species include:

  • Japanese Knotweed

    • Originally introduced as an ornamental plant, this highly invasive weed species has proved to be an absolute menace. Spreading like wildfire it prevents native vegetation from growing and can even push its way through foundations, concrete and tarmac…. read more
  • Himalayan Balsam

    • Introduced to the UK in 1839, Himalayan balsam (Impatiens glandulifera), a relative of the busy Lizzie,  has now become a naturalised plant… read more
  • Giant Hogweed

    • Giant hogweed (Heracleum mantegazzianum) is a close relative of cow parsley and originates from Southern Russia and Georgia. It can reach over 3m (10ft) in height… read more
  • Rhodendron Ponticum.

    • Rhododendron ponticum (L.) is a non-indigenous evergreen shrub belonging to the Ericaceae family and was introduced to the UK in 1763… read more

Sectors we work within:

  • Local Authorities or County Council Contracts
  • Facility Management
  • Parish Councils
  • Schools
  • Utility Schemes
  • Housing Developments
  • Renewable Energy

For more information on our weed control services and for a conversation about how we can look after you, please call 01892 722948 or 01892 723226.

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