Recently, a group of enthusiastic colleagues gathered for an empowering manual handling training session delivered by an RSK SHEQ (Safety, Health, and Quality) Advisor, guided by principles developed by our partner, Pristine Condition International.

The training struck a perfect balance between theoretical understanding and practical application, with 75% of the session dedicated to hands-on exercises. Participants actively engaged in a variety of practical activities, demonstrating their mastery of the four key principles:

  • Inside Base ®
  • Big Engines ®
  • Turn Not Twist ®
  • Dip’N’Drive ®

All participants were assessed on five practical activities to ensure thorough comprehension of the principles.

The training concluded with a reminder that manual handling safety extends beyond the workplace, emphasising the applicability of these techniques in everyday life.

Overall, the manual handling training session proved to be an enriching and empowering experience for all participants. Armed with the knowledge and skills gained, colleagues are now well-equipped to handle tasks safely and efficiently, minimising the risk of injuries and promoting a healthier work environment.