There’s something about the longer days and the feeling of spring that reminds us here at Twig that, just like nature, we’re about to get as busy as the proverbial bee.

Habitat translocation is something that often coincides with the arrival of spring and is the process of moving soils and associated vegetation along with any animals or organisms that live there. Spring is also a good time to carry out detailed surveys, as wildlife comes out of hibernation. Once we have worked out what wildlife is present, and whether it is a European Protected Species, we can then trap out and move wildlife such as reptiles, dormice and bats to other suitable, or ecologically enhanced sites.

March is also the time for planting and seeding — from lawns and ornamental beds to wildflower meadows. Our expertise means that we know exactly what will work on a specific site, aesthetically and horticulturally, as well as having the practical know-how to maintain planted areas and meadows.

Formal lawns, sports fields and amenity grassland also need mowing and edging, as the grass begins to grow. Pitches need to be white-lined ahead of the sports season too. As well as preparing the pitches themselves, now is the time to inspect nearby trees that may have suffered damage from the winter winds – helping to create a safe environment this summer.