The Twig Group is proud to announce that we now have three Great Crested Newt licence-holders on the team, after Tom Denning completed his training this month.

Tom, 23, who is already a graduate in Landscape & Countryside Management, trained over a two-year period to gain the licence from Natural England.

“It was a natural progression after my degree,” says Tom. “I now feel confident that I can undertake survey and handling work, as well as talking to clients about the significance of Great Crested Newts and other European protected species.” Tom, who has worked for Twig for just over two years, now joins James Dickenson and Alex Rumph, who also hold Natural England licenses for GCN and Dormice.

James Dickenson, Ecological Contracts Manager at Twig, says: “I can now have multiple teams on the ground, undertaking sensitive clearance work, and experts within the team who I can call on to undertake survey and translocation work. It also provides another port of call for clients who may want to discuss ecological matters with an expert.”

Such ecological expertise within a landscaping company is almost unheard of: “Many of our competitor shave to bring in and wait for an ecologist to oversee their works — whereas we don’t have to,” says James. “It’s a time- and cost-saving that can be passed on to the client.”

So, what did getting this qualification mean to Tom? “It’s a satisfying career progression and gives me another skill that I can use while at Twig and into the future.”