In a significant addition to our dedicated team, we are thrilled to introduce Arran Fitzgerald, the latest member to join Twig’s Ecology department. With a solid educational background and a wealth of hands-on experience, Arran brings a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills that make him an invaluable asset to our team.

Arran holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology, providing him with a strong foundation in the study of animal life. Building upon this, he pursued a Masters in Wildlife Conservation, delving deeper into the intricacies of preserving and protecting our natural habitats.

What sets Arran apart is not just his academic achievements but also his extensive hands-on experience. As a research assistant, he actively contributed to botany, butterfly and bird surveys. His role involved identifying, recording and monitoring protected species in their native habitats, showcasing his commitment to the practical application of conservation principles.

His dedication to environmental conservation extends beyond his professional endeavours. As a volunteer Ranger at Ashdown Forest, he actively participates in preserving rare habitats and supporting grazing schemes, his contribution reflecting a genuine passion for the preservation of our natural world. His diverse interests in photography, art, culinary exploration, foraging and mycology showcase a holistic approach to his relationship with the environment.

During his university years, Arran volunteered at the Wildlife Trust in East Anglia. Here, his focus on identifying toxic plants demonstrated not only his keen eye for detail but also his commitment to public awareness. Engaging with the public on open days, he shared his knowledge and enthusiasm for wildlife conservation.

While Arran may not be promised exotic species and wildlife at Twig, he’s eager to encounter the unique biodiversity that awaits. From dormice and bats, to great crested newts, Arran is excited about contributing his skills and knowledge to the ecological tapestry that Twig aims to weave.

Arran’s goal is to channel his expertise and experience into a fulfilling career within the environmental and biological fields. His alignment with Twig’s mission and the broader goals of the RSK Group makes him a perfect fit for our team and we extend him a warm welcome, confident that his passion, skills and commitment will contribute significantly to Twig’s Ecology department. We’re already looking forward to the positive impact he will undoubtedly bring to our collective mission of preserving and protecting the natural world.