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Twig Group working in partnership with Conergy Solar Energy
Sensitive creation of solar sites across the UK
katewardman | 12 September
It would be hard not to notice the increase in solar sites across the country as the demand for sustainable
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Solar Farm Planting - Twig Group
Solar Farm Planting : Kinetica Solar Ltd
katewardman | 12 August
Twig has worked with Kinetica Solar on 3 of their UK solar farm sites planting hedgerows, seeding wildflowers and installing
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Ecological reinstatement works - Vogt Solar Farm, Sussex
Ecological Reinstatement works at Horam Solar Farm
katewardman | 12 February
Ecological reinstatement at Horam Solar Farm, East Sussex for Vogt solar Twig finished 2015 on a high with the ecological
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Solar Farm Hedge Planting, mixed native hedgerow, Isle of Sheppey
Solar Farm Hedge Planting : Old Rides Sheppey
katewardman | 1 October
Hedgerow and coppice planting at Old Rides Solar Farm on the Isle of Sheppey Solar Farm Hedge Planting This 50
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Weed management - Solar Farm Land Reinstatement for Lightsource
Solar Farm Land Reinstatement for Lightsource
katewardman | 14 September
Extensive land reinstatement works at a Lightsource Solar Farm in Kent Solar Farm Land Reinstatement As part of a new
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Solar Farm Land Maintenance at Wix Lodge - Twig Ecological
Wix Lodge solar farm maintenance
katewardman | 1 July
Solar Farm land maintenance and conservation measures at Wix Lodge Twig undertook a program of weed spraying at this solar
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