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Consultation on best land management techniques for the Outwood to Buckland Strategic Water Main Project

Land Management Consultation - Strategic Water Main project - Sutton & East Surrey Water - Twig Ecological

During 2013-14 Twig worked closely with Sutton and East Surrey Water, on behalf of their contractor Clancy Docwra, installing a £15 million strategic water main project across 17km of private land in Surrey. Twig consulted and advised on the best land management techniques during the construction of the scheme, methods of reinstatement both on permanent pasture and agricultural land.  Importantly the reinstatement of fences, gateways and hedgerows is key to the completeness of a land based scheme like this.

These tasks included:

While working closely with our client, we managed to ensure all tasks were completed on time to fit within seeding and planting windows, which is vital to help reduce future costs from compensation claims from landowners.

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