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Drysdale roof garden renovation at City University London, for Lakehouse

This was a project to renovate an existing roof garden which had fallen into disrepair. Plans were drawn up by the client, which involved a complete clearance of the site back to the original roof.

A new concrete screed was laid with new levels to improve drainage, with new cabling for lighting and pipes for irrigation. The design required sourcing and building of bespoke items including a 12m x 8m triangular polystyrene mound which was contoured and smoothed offsite, then covered with fibreglass on site. This has been designed to allow people to sit on its banks and stretch out.  Surrounding this on two sides is a slate wall constructed from varying sized slate blocks to give the look of a dry stone wall. The whole area, including the mound, is covered with artificial grass.

There are 36 bespoke galvanised steel planters each with an internal irrigation system which runs off a timer to ensure planting survives. Each planter has to be insulated against winter temperatures – to this end we fitted each planter with a layer of Rockwool board round each side and base.  There are artificial cows and sheep grazing across the area with bespoke benches for students and staff to sit and relax.

The whole project has been planned with weight saving in mind even down to sourcing lightweight compost which will support ongoing healthy plant growth for the planters. Plants incorporated into the design will be Hornbeam, Copper Beech to give a woodland feel to the perimeter with Lavender to attract bees and insects. Due to the shape and size of the project every element has had to be made bespoke or cut to fit onsite.

The timescale for this project was 5 weeks from clearance to finish, so it would be ready for the new academic year, a deadline we are pleased to have met.

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