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Extensive land reinstatement works at a Lightsource Solar Farm in Kent

Solar Farm Land Reinstatement

As part of a new solar array in Kent, a 2km power cable linking the new array to existing power lines was installed.  It was imperative for the connection to be made ahead of a drop in ‘feed in’ tariff, but this led to the main contractor operating in sub optimal conditions resulting in damage to land drains, soil structure and also the landowner’s trust.

Twig’s experience and common sense approach to land reinstatement gained the trust of both the client and the Landowner.

Due to waterlogging and rutting of the land, the reinstatement needed to be undertaken over two seasons to allow the ground to be in a suitable condition to work and install the drains.  The tasks undertaken included;

  • Weed spraying
  • Subsoil grading
  • Repairs to land drains
  • Subsoiling to alleviate compaction
  • Replace topsoil
  • Grass seeding
  • Repair fences and replant hedgerows
  • Removal of stock fencing after grass establishment.

Close co-ordination with landowners was key to the success of the project ensuring that arable harvest and drilling dates were worked around whenever possible to have least impact on farming operations.

Twig’s main objective was to return the land back in a farmable state that the landowner is happy with.

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