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Hedge planting at St Mary’s Church of England Primary School, Lamberhurst

Earlier this month, Richard Hungerford, Operations Director at Twig Trading Ltd, and his colleague Angus Knowler, ‘volunteered’ to undertake a little hedge planting at Lamberhurst Primary School. A hedge was created along the south east boundary bordering the footpath from the village centre onto ‘The Down’.  The purpose of the hedge was twofold: Ecological enhancement for wildlife, in particular, to compliment the recent establishment of Bird and Bat Boxes, and provision, in future years of a natural screen to the school, that would replace the current canvas complimenting the chain link border fence.

The Woodland Trust and Twig Trading Ltd, as a joint venture, kindly supplied the Trees, Canes and Guards. A mix of english native trees was chosen for the task, although Blackthorn and Hawthorn varieties were naturally excluded, given these do not mix well with young children should they inevitably venture to incorporate the hedge into their ‘dens’.

It is early days for the hedge, and inevitably some of the trees will not endure. These will be replaced in future years to ensure its purpose is realised and Lamberhurst fufflils its role as a safe haven for the development and sustainability of wildlife.

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