Tree & hedge planting at Beletric solar farm

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Tree & hedge planting at Beletric solar farm

As part of the re-instatement of a new solar farm constructed by Belectric at Paddock Wood, Kent, Twig were asked to undertake a series of tree & hedge planting as part of the planning criteria laid out prior to works commencing.

Twelve trees and four hundred metres of Hornbeam hedge were laid down  and took wonderfully within the clay environment given preparation prior and post by spraying, cultivation, and mulching.

The task itself was challenging given the propensity of rain to provide a quagmire in which to operate, but with the appropriate equipment, brain and braun, the project was completed to time, and within budget.

The end product was set  to provide a fine screen to local residents, who were most pleased with the outcome, as was the client.

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