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Vegetation clearance and ecological works for 5km pipeline through Swinley Forest for South East Water

Vegetation Clearance Ecological Works for South East Water

Twig were tasked with the vegetation clearance and ecological works for the 5km multi-million pipeline for South East Water through Swinley Forest in October 2014.

Timelines were exceptionally tight and required detailed planning with the clients, landowners and ecologists. Failure to meet the seasonal hibernation time restraints would have caused significant timing and cost issues to our client.

In just three weeks, Twig cleared four large Newt fenced areas and over 4km of soft vegetation and fallen timber, all by hand and under the supervision of licensed Ecologists. In total, approximately 1000 m3 of material was cut and raked by hand.

In the highest risk areas our work included hand and mechanical examination of forest floor, exposing areas that reptiles may be seeking refuge. Twig worked under extreme pressure focusing on the common objective with our clients and ecologists, coordinating our own teams, sub-contractors and an array of stakeholders from Crown Estates to the MoD.

All pre-construction ecological trapping and mitigation work was successfully undertaken and completed and, as summed up by South East Water, a fantastic achievement and only possible due to the hard work and cooperation between all of the teams involved.

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