Ecology and St Mary’s Church of England Primary School, Lamberhurst
Twig Group | 14 January
St Mary’s Lamberhust Primary School have an ecological and environmental agenda that has grown and developed over recent years under
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Twig Group | 7 November
Kent-based ecological contractor is the 12th addition to the group in recent months Leading environmental and engineering services company RSK
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Leybourne Lakes
Twig Group | 13 September
The Twig Group undertook ecologically sensitive vegetation clearance of a water pipeline easement for South East Water, through Leybourne Lakes
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The Twig Group adds another Natural England EPS licence-holder to the team
Twig Group | 27 August
The Twig Group is proud to announce that they now have three Great Crested Newt licence-holders on the team, after
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London to Brighton with Jack Chapman
Twig Group | 23 August
Twig was very proud to support Jack Chapman on his London to Brighton cycling epic to raise money for The
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Relocate for Spring with Twig Group
Relocating for Spring
Twig Group | 6 April
There’s something about the longer days and the feeling of spring that reminds us here at Twig that, just like
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Prune and Prep for Spring with Twig Group
Prune and prep for spring
Twig Group | 12 March
As the wintry weather has us dreaming of spring, there are a few jobs to do in preparation for the
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Snow Clearance - part of winter services from Twig Group
Catch our drift?
Twig Group | 27 February
Most of us love a sprinkling of snow, but it won’t have escaped you that snow often means ‘chaos’ on
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Winter Services from Twig Group
Take it easy out there!
Twig Group | 4 February
As temperatures dip below zero it’s worth remembering that ice, unlike snow, is an invisible hazard. Black ice can be
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Post storm tree clearance by Twig
When the west wind blows…
Twig Group | 5 January
Wet ground and strong winds can be a fatal combination when it comes to trees – and this time of
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Tis the Season to Prep for Spring
’tis the season to prep for spring
Twig Group | 7 December
As temperatures drop and the days shorten, it’s tempting just to stay indoors, light the fire and start making plans
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Tree surveys can reveal hidden decay
How strong are your roots?
Twig Group | 21 November
It’s been a blustery old month and, for those of us who remember 1987, a reminder of the damage that
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