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The Voice of  Russia 08 07 12

A festival of landscape art has finished in the Hampton Court Palace near London. This is one of the most prestigious festivals of this kind.Russia was represented by the St. Petersburg Russian Museum, which presented a landscape composition inspired by the art of the early 20th century avant-garde artist Kazimir Malevich.

This festival is being held already in the 19th time. But it is only this year that a new nomination, called “The World of Gardens,” was included – in honor of the Olympic Games, which are due to start in London in August. 10 countries, including Russia, are taking part in this nomination. However, experts from the St. Petersburg Russian Museum worked only as consultants, but the main part of the work was done by UK gardeners. But what came of it in the end can without exaggeration be called a real miracle.

In an interview with The Voice of Russia, a representative of the St. Petersburg Russian Museum Anna Tsvetkova said: “Imagine a piece of land of 10 by 12 meters – an island, in fact. An island with a garden on it, and the gates are in the shape of a picture’s frame – as if you are entering a picture.”

The competitors of the Russian garden at this festival – the creations of gardeners from Bulgaria, Japan, Jordan, Switzerland and other countries – were very interesting as well. But the Russian garden inspired the jury so much that it awarded the Russian participants of the festival with the so-called silver-golden medal (an award somewhere between the first and the second place).

The success of the Russian Museum at this festival was so triumphant that at present, talks are being held between the museum’s administration and the organizers of the world’s most prestigious festival of landscape art – Chelsea Flower Show.

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