Ecological Fencing services

Our Ecological Fencing services cover all stages of habitat isolation projects from marking out through to the installation of newt fences and traps including ongoing newt fence maintenance, to final removal. We can isolate large or small sites and those with restricted access.

Twig has extensive experience in the installation of ecological fencing, wildlife fencing and dormouse bridges.  Where sites have multiple species requirements our experienced Project Managers innovate and identify solutions that can be deployed in consideration of cost and time.

We are competent installers of ecological fencing including

  • Newt fencing (temporary, semi-permanent and permanent)
  • Reptile fencing
  • Badger fencing and gates
  • Artificial Badger Setts
  • Water vole fencing
  • Pitfalls Traps, Carpet Tiles, Refugia
  • Dormouse bridges

Giving dormice a helping hand, by building bridges for them to travel out of harm’s way. Read more about the protection of dormice.

Other services

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