Land reinstatement means returning a site back to a landscaped environment

We have the experts to manage land reinstatement projects back to a landscaped environment. These projects often require working with nature and landowners in a sensitive and considerate way. Whether planning conditions clearly state the landscape design or the landowner or farmer requires land back to enable production to recommence, Twig can negotiate the practical delivery of such tasks.

Mediation between landowners, neighbours and the site managers is common place to ensure the long-term objectives are met and that the landscape is returned to the correct standard and within the desired timeframes.

After a plan has been agreed, Twig uses a number of processes to return the site back to the desired landscape:

  • Subsoiling
  • Drainage requirements
  • Seeding
  • Fencing
  • Hedge and tree planting
  • Habitat Mitigation

Twig’s land reinstatement consultants work within:

  • Local Authorities or County Council Contracts
  • Facility Management
  • Parish Councils
  • Schools
  • Utility Schemes
  • Housing Developments
  • Renewable Energy

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