Our ongoing solar farm maintenance package can include:

  • Mowing in and around the solar array using our specialist machinery
    With the ability to mow 300mm under the dripline with all machinery and the ability to mow up to the solar panel supports with a specialist mowing unit, capable of operating in narrow or more confined spaces
  • Hedge cutting
    Inclusive of full hedge management or seasonal rotation, with reporting, e.g; 1/3 cut (front/rear/top,) and surrounding tree works/surveys. This enables site security to be maintained and will stop any shading from occurring on the solar arrays, whilst ensuring LEMP compliance
  • Hedgerow/tree belt planting and ongoing yearly maintenance
    In accordance with LEMP requirements
  • Implementation of the habitat management plan
    This can include the planting and maintaining of native wildflowers and the installation of hibernacula, beehives, reptile habitats, bird nest boxes and bat boxes at the site with location data provided in our reports
  • Spraying and weed control
    Blanket and spot spraying under panels, between the rows and any other areas on site using selective and non-selective herbicides as necessary, keeping weeds under control
  • Accurate and real-time reporting of progress against activities
    Demonstrating compliance to LEMP requirements through the duration of our works
  • National coverage with regional depots throughout the UK
  • Site security fence and gate installation and repair
    Inclusive of stock fencing installation
  • Real-time reporting of site condition
    Notifying you of any defects or non-conformance, whilst providing you with a plan to rectify/correct
  • Closely work with our Ecology team
    To ensure our work on solar sites is delivered to a consistently high standard throughout, whilst conforming to the 1981 WCA

Solar farm expertise working with

  •  Utility companies
  • Construction companies
  • Solar developers
  • O & M contractors
  • Solar hedge fund managers
  • Farmers and landowners

Other services

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