’tis the season to prep for spring

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As temperatures drop and the days shorten, it’s tempting just to stay indoors, light the fire and start making plans for Christmas.

Here at Twig, we’re busy outdoors, in all weathers, working to get sites planted-up and screened before building starts in the spring and summer months. Being prepared and planting as early as possible, means that trees and hedges will mature in good time, offering maximum screening and increased visual appeal by the time construction starts.

This kind of horticultural know-how is what makes all the difference. We pride ourselves on our low failure rates when planting trees and hedges and, even when working on large projects, where we may be planting many thousands of trees, attention to detail is still really important to us.

Before planting, we make sure the ground is cleared and prepared, ensuring there is good drainage, if necessary, and that it is free of weeds and vegetation that may compete with young saplings. Rabbit guards are fitted as we go along…

Once new trees and shrubs are in the ground, the ongoing care begins… Mulching – applying compost around the plants’ stems helps to suppress weeds as well as improve the soil. We will also spray weeds where necessary, in an environmentally sensitive manner. Then it’s a case of ‘beating up’ the saplings – not as unkind as it sounds – where we straighten and support the plants.

So, while you’re enjoying the warmth indoors and working out where to place your Christmas tree, let Twig do the outdoor work. It’s what we’re good at…

If you would like to discuss this or any other of our ecological services, please call 01892 722948 or 01892 723226